Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 2 Reflection

Firstly, we did not practice safety. None of us want to be responsible if any kid gets injured. This is not good as we are going to make the teachers worried. For an example in the game Hand, HAnd, Leg, we did not practice safety and thus people clashed into each other. We could have done better if w learned to compromise and work with each other. If we thought about safety, we would have been less aggressive. We need to manage our time better and be more situationally aware.

But I was really thankful that the children enjoyed themselves. It would have been better if we could communicate batter with them. I felt that we should have learnt some of their names. All these things could have saved us a lot of time.

We must be cautious of our surroundings. Even the props or equipment we use should be child-friendly to reduce injuries from occurring.

I felt that we could have planned a little more. We were not really interested in teaching so we just touch-and-go. If we really put in effort to teach them, we would actually pend a longer time. At times, we get distracted by other activities and we forget what we are supposed to do and only focus on the activities which are fun and engaging. Perhaps, it would have been better if we wrote on a paper and planned out exactly what we need to do.

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