Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Groups Reflection Day 2 (Joseph Yong)

Day 1 at the school, our group got the oldest batch, the P5 and P6. We had culture games and lessons like planned. The starting of culture games was what I would call awkward at first, however, we started to become more comfortable with each other as we demonstrated, and played the game together. They enjoyed playing 'pick up sticks' the most. 
However, while we were playing the culture games, we found out from one of their textbooks that their standard of Maths was a lot better than what we had planned. Hence, we had to have some impromptu improvise. We decided to swap in our back-up games with the original Maths slot, but, we would still give Maths a try. 
We soon started counting along with then from 1 - 100, they managed to count fluently and clearly. I felt that although it was a great roadblock, we were prepared for this, and we managed to use our time wisely and had fun with them, at the same time learning. I believe that they will not remember what we were trying to teach them, but they would remember the fun times that we have spent with them better, likewise for us, as they taught us some Thai too. Because we underestimated their standard, I think that tomorrow would be challenging, but the more challenging, the more we learn. We had to practically scrap the things that we had planned back in Singapore, and think of new ways that would suit our students, or what we call 'nong-nongs' in Thai, which mean the same thing.
I look forward to the next day as more challenges will create more learning experiences.


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