Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Reflections, Day 2

Sim Jun You - S2-01

I can say that my group did quite well today. For example, we could keep them mostly entertained and there were no accidents. But, we could not entertain them at some parts, and we were underprepared. During the five-stones activity, we did not prepare enough bean bags, and we  could not play with them as we were not good at five-stones. I think that we could have checked the number of students before-hand, and tried out the activities as well. also, some of our activities were not engaging. For example, our activity "What time is it, Mr Wolf?", made the kids bored, and therefore was not successful. We could have made that better by, by putting ourselves in their shoes and think what kind of activity would be engaging and interesting, and at the same time not too strenuous and tiring.

As some of the groups had safety issues, I feel that since this issue had been brought up, I could think about the safety of my group's activities. On Red Light, Green Light, they had chased us on the field. As the field was rough, grassy and rocky, they could have tripped nd fell. WE could address this issue by switching the venue to a safer one (smoother, less tripping hazards) or switching the activity to something that would not involve running on the field. I will also analyse our other activities to make sure that they are safe for the students.

For our backup plans, I felt that my group was adequately prepared. However, I feel that we could have added more backup plans that were unique. This is important because, let's say I have two back-up plans, both involving the field. If it rained that day, both our backup plans would have to be scrapped. So, let's say one backup plan was on the field and one was in the classroom. If it rained, or if the classroom was unavailable, we could use the other one. But still, that is not enough. For example, what if they are bored with the field activity, and the classroom is unavailable? Therefore, for each venue we have to prepare at least 2 unique activities. One could be a physical activity, another could be related to one of the subjects that we are teaching.

All in all, today was quite good in terms of activities. But I felt that my group could have done better by doing all the things that I had mentioned.

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