Monday, 27 May 2013

Group Reflection Day 1

Today, we practiced how to do our games in the different groups. Everyone had a lot of fun. During dinner, my group ate a lot. The food was delicious and our group chat a lot. We had a lot of jokes and puns thanks to our tour guide Ms Farm. We really look forward to tomorrow to get to know the children better and interact with them. One funny thing, when me, Paul and Tian Kai was practising 5 stones, a cockroach came down and almost landed on Tian Kai's hand when he was trying to catch the stone! Really funny to watch him throw the remaining stones in his hands into the air with astonishment. :)  

1 comment:

  1. Brandon, thanks for posting this. We had a good laugh reading it.
    Tell Tian Kai he's allowed to bring back the cockroach as his pet.

    - from Tian Kai's Dad