Thursday, 30 May 2013

Day 3

Today was good in a sense that things were more organised. The children were not only better managed but also more people joined in to the lesson. Furthermore, those who did little to no help on the Day 2 helped out a lot more and thus we were able to teach and play more efficiently. After the lessons, we were able to go to some of the students home and know how they live so that we can better appreciate what we have. The night market was also very fun as we were able to find out each other's interest.

However, there were still flaws in many of the activities. In school, we were still somewhat disorganised, even though we were better than the day before, and were still arguing with each other to some extent. Some people also had trouble finding out what they had to do. However, they were helped by their group mates so they were able to still contribute.

There was also problem in the night market as some of us, who was unable to bargain because of the lack of skill, were unable to get a good or affordable price and those who could just grouped by ourselves and went around in separate groups. However, when the occasion arrived, those who were able to bargain were still able to help those who cannot to get an affordable price.

From this, i found out that even if we do not normally show it, we are still very protective and caring which is a good thing as this means that we are a united and thus an effective group.

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